The study of the past has been a cornerstone of Western education for more than 2000 years. It challenges students to become critical, well-rounded and self-reflective individuals through an engagement with the history of the human community. The History Program at USCB continues in this tradition, cultivating in its students a broad cultural and historical awareness as well as the ability to read carefully, think critically and write effectively. The program encourages students to develop a broad perspective on the past along with a deeper understanding of at least one particular period and set of issues. It accomplishes this goal by enabling them to integrate their historical responses to the world we all inhabit.

History 1

History 2

History 3

Through the Office of Community Outreach, USCB brings its educational resources to the Lowcountry. Community Outreach's vision is to create an institute to serve as a center for lifelong learning for all people of the Lowcountry. Therefore, it is our mission to help people learn continuously for personal enrichment and professional development. ,text abcdefg

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